Shopping Malls in Rome

Shopping Malls in Rome

Shopping malls in Rome?

Rome, known for its timeless allure and storied past, isn’t just about ancient landmarks and charming streets. It’s also home to a modern scene that’s catching everyone’s eye: its shopping malls. These bustling hubs of activity fuse together shopping, entertainment, and culture, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for both tourists and locals alike.

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Rome’s shopping malls are diverse in both size and offerings. Some, like Porta di Roma, rank among Italy’s largest, spanning vast expanses housing a myriad of stores ranging from international brands to local favorites. Others, like Galleria Alberto Sordi, are architectural marvels that seamlessly blend luxury shopping with Rome’s historic beauty.

Moreover, places like Parco Commerciale Da Vinci introduce innovation to the shopping scene with their unique open-air design, transforming shopping into a leisurely and enjoyable experience. These malls aren’t just about retail; they’ve become social and cultural hubs, offering spaces for people to gather, socialize, and partake in events and family activities, reflecting the vibrant urban fabric of Rome.

Let’s delve into the modern face of Rome as we explore how these shopping malls have reshaped the city’s retail landscape.

Shopping Malls in Rome – some destinations

Porta di Roma

As one of Rome’s retail giants, Porta di Roma boasts 130,000 square meters of space housing 220 stores. Here, visitors can find everything from renowned brands like Leroy Merlin and Decathlon to a variety of dining options, making it an ideal destination for a full day of shopping.

Roma Est

Covering 98,000 square meters, Roma Est is another formidable shopping center boasting 220 stores offering a wide selection of both national and international brands. Known for its modern architecture and high-quality shopping experience, Roma Est caters to every need, from clothing to electronics, alongside a plethora of dining options.


With its recent inauguration, Maximo offers 60,500 square meters of contemporary shopping space. Notable for hosting Rome’s first Primark store, Maximo features a diverse range of shops, including clothing, electronics, and home goods, alongside various culinary delights.

Euroma 2

Situated in the Eur district, Euroma 2 spans 51,375 square meters and houses 200 stores. Renowned for its elegant architecture and luxury boutiques, Euroma 2 offers a unique blend of shopping, culture, and entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for fashion enthusiasts.

Gran Roma

Gran Roma spans 32,300 square meters, offering a diverse shopping experience. Known for its convenience and accessibility, Gran Roma features a range of shops, from clothing to technology, alongside various dining and relaxation options.

La Romanina

Established in 1992, La Romanina boasts 31,793 square meters of retail space, offering a variety of shops and services ideal for everyday shopping needs. Additionally, it provides entertainment activities, including cinemas and play areas.

Cinecittà 2

Located in Cinecittà, Cinecittà 2 covers 24,852 square meters and distinguishes itself with its lively atmosphere. Alongside a wide range of shops, Cinecittà 2 hosts cultural and social events, adding vibrancy to the shopping experience.

I Granai

Spanning 23,100 square meters in the Ardeatino neighborhood, I Granai offers a balanced mix of shops, from clothing to electronics, alongside a selection of restaurants. Easily accessible, it serves as a shopping hub for the neighborhood.


Nestled in Valle Aurelia, Aura occupies 15,600 square meters known for its tranquil and welcoming atmosphere, featuring a curated selection of shops and restaurants. It’s an ideal destination for a relaxed and intimate shopping experience.


Covering 12,297 square meters, Primavera is conveniently located and offers a convenient shopping experience with a variety of services and fast-food options.

Rome’s shopping malls represent more than just places to shop; they’re vibrant hubs where the city’s dynamic culture and modern lifestyle converge. Whether you’re browsing through the latest fashion trends, enjoying a meal with friends, or immersing yourself in cultural events, these malls offer something for everyone. So, the next time you find yourself in the Eternal City, don’t forget to explore its modern side and discover the unique charm of its shopping malls.

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