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Ancient Rome for Kids!


Get to the heart of Ancient Rome on a special tour tailored to your Kids! Discover the best of the Colosseum and Roman Forum…and live a family adventure of a lifetime. Skip-the-line Tickets are included.

DURATION: 2 hours
START TIME: upon request



Ancient Rome with Kids. Your Family Adventure of a Lifetime!

Our Ancient Rome for Kids! Tour will be the cherry on the cake of your Roman vacation.

We designed a fun and entertaining itinerary for your family to explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum in a special way, with a kid-friendly expert guide.

First of all you’ll enter the Colosseum by skipping the annoying entrance line. Close to the Arena you’ll hear enagaging stories about Gladiator combats and the Venationes (spectacular hunts and other shows featuring wild beasts, particularly loved by the ancient Romans).

You’ll then wander through the Roman Forum while discovering the myths and tales behind the foundation of the Eternal City. Romulus and Remus, the She-wolf and the role of Roman Gods, just to mention a few.

The Triumphal Arch of Titus and the holy House of the Vestals will be among the other landmarks and hidden gems you’ll get to explore on your special trip back to the past.

Shorter 2 hour itineraries or extended 4 hour tours can be scheduled at your convenience. Just let us know what you want to do and see and we’ll plan for your family a unique journey.

Contact us and build a memory of a lifetime for the whole family!

  • Colosseum: gladiator combats and other games 
  • Roman Forum: public life and private secrets of ancient Romans
  • House of the Vestals: rituals, myths…and some bizarre Gods!
  • Arch of Titus: celebrating victories with the Emperors
Meeting Point

Colosseum (further details at the booking)



€ 250 up to 2 people (including private guide & entrance tickets)


  • Adult: € 50

  • Youth (aged 13 – 17): € 40
  • Kid (aged 4 – 12): € 30

  • Children (aged 1 – 3): free


DURATION: 2 hours
OPERATING DAYS:  every day
START TIME: upon request

Additional Information
  • The entrance ticket is valid for 2 days and allows for one entrance to each of the three sites (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill);

  • Reduced entrance tickets are available for EU and non-EU visitors under 18 and for EU students up to 25 years old upon presentation of a valid ID or Passport at the entrance of the archaeological sites;

  • Our pre-booked tickets will let you skip entrance lines. Security checks cannot be avoided;

  • Comfortable shoes are strongly recommended for this tour!

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