Colosseum family tour: discover Ancient Rome in half day

Colosseum for kids

Colosseum family tour? Don’t wait “till the children get older”! Ancient Rome can be discovered superbly in a half-day tour. A fun experience for both kids and grown-ups!

A child-friendly tour guide can avoid tourists’ crowds and draw the kids’ attention, keeping them engaged while they stroll through the hugest Roman Empire tourist landmark. But especially, our storytellers can share the history and facts of the Colosseum for kids and make them feel right in a movie or a novel.

Put your family in the shoes of Gladiators, as they prepared to fight giant exotic animals or feel them like sitting right in the audience, next to the Emperor. Ancient Rome for family is a journey to experience!

Colosseum for kidsColosseum family tour – History and main facts

On our dedicated child-friendly tours, your kids will learn the history of Ancient Rome and its main facts: here are some foretastes!

  • The Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheater is a huge amphitheater built during the Roman Empire, which has become the iconic symbol of Ancient Rome.
  • The Colosseum was built from A.D. 72 to A.D. 81 under two Emperors: Vespasian and Titus. Approximately 60,000 slaves worked hard to made it possible. It’s the largest amphitheater ever built without any kind of modern machinery!
  • This grand monument boasted 80 entrances and could seat about 50,000 spectators. The nobles were hosted near the main arena, while the normal audience was seated in the upper tiers.
  • The major events featured gladiator fights, wild animal hunts (such as lions, alligators, ostriches, elephants, tigers, leopards, giraffes coming from the colonies in Africa and Asia) and even mock sea battles! How? Believe it or not, by filling the arena with water!
  • People could watch the “show” without an entry ticket: an Emperor marketing strategy of that time to gain power and popularity among its folks.
  • Entertainment shows and events lasted till early medieval time (5th century A.D.). After that became a fortress, a shelter for the poor people and even a Christian shrine.
  • Over the centuries the Colosseum has been heavily damaged by earthquakes and wars but still today it keeps its overwhelming charm.

Colosseum family tour – Gladiator for one day

Everyone has heard once from history classes, books or movies how gladiators battles unfolded, but very few kids lived the experience to trace their footsteps by touring the underground part of the Colosseum.

Does your kid like watching sports? Is he a fan of a particular team and cheers on it every Sunday? Well, the same did the Ancient Romans in the Colosseum!

Under the sand Arena floor, a thick tunnel system was used to store wild animals and host the gladiators, who waited here to meet their fate. This part was called the Hypogeum. Led by a qualified English-speaking tour guide, you and your family can get to know all the incredible events taking place here and become a gladiator for one day.

Enter the arena floor through the gladiators’ gate and feel what it would have been to show yourself in front of thousands of excited visitors. Head back in time to visit one of the world-class historical highlights and sports arenas – the Colosseum. Let the games begin!

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