Gladiator School in Rome & Colosseum: a special Tour with Laura and Family

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Laura is a professional blogger and took a chance this summer to come to Rome to enjoy a special experience with her Family: the Gladiator for a Day! The Ultimate Roman Experience by You Local Rome.

This is a fun and informative program for kids combining a private tour of the Colosseum with a real training session at the Gladiator School of Rome.

As Laura stated on her blog, the whole family enjoyed the Colosseum visit, while the Gladiator School has been one of the Best Experience In Rome for her kids.

Our team is very proud to make a difference to our customers!

colosseum tour with laura and her family
Laura and crew at the Colosseum with us!

By the way if you are interested in family tours around the globe, we highly recommend having a look at Laura’s blog – Frugal for Luxury – where she shares tons of tips and tricks to help your family travel with a frugal approach.

Laura and her family traveled already to uncountable destinations and it’s definitely worth following their adventures. You can get inspired on how to live the best kids-friendly experience while exploring the whole world!

During their family day tour of Rome, Laura, her husband Christian, and their 3 kids had a great time with us.

You can find below a summary of their experience at the Colosseum and Gladiator School in Rome.

gladiator for a day with you local rome
Gladiator For a Day! The Ultimate Roman Experience

Colosseum and Gladiator school in Rome with Laura and her family

Laura’s YouTube video perfectly shows the highlights of our Gladiator For a Day! program:

As she wrote on her blog, Laura really enjoyed our tour as it was a great way for kids and adults along to experience ancient Rome with a twist!

1. Tour of the Colosseum: to gain context

The day started with a kid-friendly guided tour of the Colosseum. The visit serves the purpose of exploring the historical background and context about the gladiator’s time and culture.

The kids loved our kid-friendly guide, who was not just patient but very passionate about her job” said Laura.

Kids having fun while learning about ancient Rome

Also, our skip-the-line ticket for the Colosseum includes a visit to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill in the next 24 hours, which is great to have if you want to (and you should!) have a comprehensive view of ancient Rome.

Laura and her family used the same ticket the next day to do that and had a great time!

2. Taxi Transfer: a gentle pause before the Gladiator School in Rome training

Family tours with kids aren’t always easy to manage: this is why we arranged for Laura and her family a taxi transfer to the Gladiator School from the Colosseum and back (10-15 min. per ride).

The transfer is included in our tour as it is the best way to give our customers some rest and, above all, peace of mind organization-wise.

3. Gladiator School in Rome: ready to start the training?

Once at the Gladiator School, a professional Gladiator welcomed Laura’s family and explained how the training would have taken place.

gladiator school in rome
Ave, Gannicus! 

Equipped with training tools such as (toy) swords, shields, and the typical outfit, the kids -and Laura’s husband too, Christian!- started their real gladiator training.

training session at the gladiator school
Training session at the Gladiator School

After they have been given a gladiator name, they got involved into a guided workout to develop the gladiator fighting skills. The training ended with a final (safe!) fight where the participants could test what they learned during the day.

gladiator school
Learning the best fighting techniques with Gannicus

The whole family felt like living in ancient Roman times and you can tell from the smiles on their faces the kids had so much fun!

Also, it was Mark’s birthday and his parents made him a great birthday present, as you can see.

Gladiator School in Rome: a kid-friendly experience your family can’t miss out

Laura perfectly highlights in her blog why Gladiator School in Rome is the best experience for families traveling with kids:

  • It’s a 100% safe experience
  • It blends perfectly fun and history
  • It is a real hands-on experience, not just a historical tour
  • Kids are originally entertained and parents can join them too in the final gladiator fight
  • It’s well organized to suit family needs, with transfers and skip-the-line tickets included
  • Guides are selected and specialized in kid-friendly tours
gladiator school con youlocal
Are you ready to fight as a Gladiator with your kids? 

Let the Gladiator adventure begin!

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