Rome Food Tour Jewish Ghetto – a journey back in history

rome food tour jewish ghetto

The Rome food tour Jewish Ghetto will lead you through one of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome, also known as the Jewish quarter of Rome. It is located in the picturesque district of Sant’Angelo and the Tiber Island, formed by the wedges of the river. Today it is one of the most beloved areas of the Eternal City, thriving with Jewish-Romanesque restaurants which are appreciated by gourmet travelers from all over the world.

Jewish Ghetto in Rome – some historical facts

Historically, the Roman ghetto was born in 1555 when Pope Paul IV issued a bull to limite civil rights and freedoms of the Roman Jewish community, ordering the establishment of a segregation area and forcing Jews to live surrounded by walls. It is actually one of the oldest ghettos in the world and arouse only 40 years after the ghetto in Venice, which is actually the most ancient in Italy.

The walls were pulled down in 1870 and the ghetto underwent different transformations, but it still keeps its original structure, made of small alleys, creating a unique atmosphere. Today, you’ll be amazed at the maze of narrow streets that offer breathtaking views and guide you through ancient Roman and medieval vestiges.

Jewish Ghetto in Rome – a must stop!

When you visit Rome, the ghetto is a must-see. It is one of the most culturally vibrant areas of the city. We highly recommend reaching it through Trastevere, in this way you pass by Ponte Cestio, cross the Tiber Island until you reach Lungotevere de ‘Cenci. The first view: the splendid dome of Tempio Maggiore.

  • Charming streets – Among the most picturesque streets where you can enjoy wonderful walks, you can’t miss Via della Reginella, Via di Sant’Ambrogio and Via del Tempio.
  • Stunning churches – Don’t forget to admire the Church of Sant’Angelo in Pescheria, built inside the ancient fish market on the remains of Portico d’Ottavia, the Church of San Gregorio in Divina Pietà and the Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli.
  • Its main highlight – The ghetto in Rome is famous above all for the splendid synagogue: Tempio Maggiore, which dates back to the early 1900s. Inside, the Major Temple also houses the Jewish Museum of Rome, a truly authentic cultural institution not to be missed when visiting Jewish Rome.

Rome food tour Jewish Ghetto – Taste the Jewish-Roman Cuisine

Renowned for its many restaurants and taste shops, the Jewish district of Rome offers visitors ancient kosher recipes. Everyone may know the typical Roman recipes, but how many people really know the connection between the Roman food and wine culture and the Jewish-Roman one? On our Rome food tour Jewish Ghetto you will be surprised with ancient food traditions!

It is not by chance, indeed, that this neighborhood is considered an unmissable place for all food and wine lovers. The ghetto is a city within the city and offers real food treats:

  • Artichokes alla giudìa is a tasty dish based on artichokes, which are soaked in water and lemon, and then fried.
  • Concia is a dish made of Roman zucchini cut in strips and fried. They are then placed in an oven dish and seasoned with basil, garlic and vinegar.
  • Another great classic of Jewish-Romanesque cuisine is the aliciotti and endive pie. In this case, the endive is marinated with oil, garlic, onion and pepper, then alternated with the anchovies to create a pie which is then baked.
  • During Shabbat instead, the typical dish of Roman Jews is beef stew cooked with tomato.
  • And to end the meal? The typical dessert is the ricotta and sour cherry cake: a real delicacy!

Are you ready to taste all the traditional Jewish-Romanesque recipes? Join our Rome food tour Jewish Ghetto to live a journey back in history!

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