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Gladiator School In Rome: 6 Good Reasons To Book A Training Class For You(r Family)

Gladiator School in Rome: 6 good reasons to book a training class for you(r family)

If you are still wondering why the Gladiator school in Rome is the best experience for families traveling with kids you have come to the right place.

At You Local Rome, we crafted a great experience for families with kids – Gladiator For a Day! The Ultimate Roman Experience – which is a perfect blend between fun activities and historical background. The tour takes place at the Gladiator School in Rome after a visit to the Colosseum to gain more historical insight into the gladiators’ world.

Why should you join us? Here there are 6 good reasons you should do that!

1. It’s a 100% safe experience

The Gladiator School offers a full training program in Rome that has been designed to be always 100% safe for you and your kids. Gladiators were fascinating characters of the ancient Roman world that had to fight to survive in cruel circumstances; nonetheless, the Gladiator class is aimed at developing a more heroic presentation of Gladiators to keep people fascinated in a 100% safe environment. An example of this is that most of the equipment such as swords and shields to be used during the gladiator class are made of wood and helmets are always provided.

2. Children and kids just *love* it

Children and kids are fascinated by the Gladiators historical figures: these heroes were trained to fight for the glory with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals to entertain the Roman audience. Everyone would like to feel like one of these invincible heroes: this is why the Gladiator School in Rome is a great experience for your kids to learn more about them.

An example of this is Laura’s family experience with the Gladiator School. We invited Laura and her family to try our Gladiator experience in Rome: her kids and family had so much fun that they “grinned from ear to ear all day long!” with satisfaction!

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3. It blends perfectly fun and history

Attending the Gladiator School in Rome is a great idea if you want to make your kids live a perfect blend between fun and history. While the training class takes place at the Gladiator School, at You Local Rome we added an introductory visit to the Colosseum where our expert guides explain the historical background of the Gladiators in Rome. We highly recommend taking a full tour of the Colosseum before attending the Gladiator School in Rome so that you and your kids can develop more insight into that specific time in history.

4. It is a real hands-on experience, not just a tour

At You Local Rome, we love finding always new ways to entertain you and your family during your stay in Rome. There is a major reason that led us to partner with the Gladiator School in Rome: their class is a real hands-on experience and every family member can join! After a quick warm-up, the Gladiator School Trainers will lead your family to a real training to learn how to avoid obstacles, defend yourself and attack to win the final fight.

Let the Gladiator adventure begin!

Click here to book your spot:

Gladiator For a Day! The Ultimate Roman Experience

5. Parents can join too (!)

The fun of visiting a city with your kids is that you are sharing a great experience with all your family members. The Gladiator School in Rome makes no exception: parents can join their kids during the training class as well as during the final fight to have fun all together.

gladiator school roma

gladiator school

6. 100% suitable for families and kids

At You Local Rome, we chose to partner with the Gladiator School in Rome to offer a complete family experience. This is why we crafter a tour experience of Rome that includes a visit to the Colosseum and the Gladiator School training: this way we can help you craft a full family experience that is organized to suit family needs from the basis by including transfers and skip-the-line tickets.

Moreover, our guides and trainers are hand-picked among very passionate local people that know exactly what children and kids want during a tour or training class.

Don’t miss out – Gladiator School in Rome

Make your kids’ dreams come true!

Book now your spot: Gladiator For a Day! The Ultimate Roman Experience

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