Exploring Lazio’s Terroir – the Finest Wines on a Rome Wine Tasting Tour

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Embark on a captivating journey through the rich terroir of the Lazio region with our exclusive Rome Wine Tasting Tour. Delve into the essence of Rome’s finest wines as we guide you through a memorable exploration of the region’s vineyards and flavors.


Lazio’s wine history: from Etruscan roots to modern times

The roots of Lazio’s viticulture extend back to the time of the Etruscans, whose cultivation methods laid the foundation for the region’s winemaking. With the rise of the Roman Empire, Lazio became a wine hub, producing wines like Cecubo, Albano, Tusculano, and Veliterno.

The 19th century saw the rise of renowned Lazio wines like Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone, Castelli Romani, and Frascati, crafted from indigenous varieties. The challenges of the early 20th century brought the introduction of international grape varieties, leading to a shift in winemaking focus.

In recent decades, a resurgence of interest in indigenous varieties has redefined Lazio’s wine landscape. Varieties like Malvasia del Lazio, Bellone, Moscato di Terracina, Passerina del Frusinate, and Biancolella now coexist harmoniously with historic grapes like Cesanese and Malvasia.


Terroir Tales: Lazio’s landscape and grape varieties

Lazio’s vine-covered expanse, spanning approximately 25,500 hectares, reveals a landscape shaped by sea, hills, woods, and dormant volcanoes. Around 80% of Lazio’s wine production consists of white grape varieties.

The vineyards of Lazio, with their diverse microclimates, thrive on volcanic soils rich in phosphorus and potassium. These terroirs guarantee grape maturation and a distinct sapidity that characterizes Lazio’s wines.


A culmination of diversity: Lazio’s wine zones and vines

While embracing both indigenous and international varieties, Lazio’s key wine zones include the hills of Castelli Romani, the coastal areas of Terracina, and the province of Latina. Grape varieties such as Malvasia, Trebbiano, Cesanese, and Aleatico contribute to the region’s vinous symphony.


Wine Landscape: DOCG, DOC, and IGT Varieties

Lazio proudly showcases its winemaking prowess with 3 DOCG, 26 DOC (27 if we include the interregional Orvieto DOC with Umbria), and 6 IGT wines. Each of these designations encapsulates the essence of the region, presenting a spectrum of flavors shaped by unique terroirs and indigenous grape varieties.

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DOCG Wines of Note

Frascati Superiore DOCG: a renowned white from the Castelli Romani area, crafted predominantly from Malvasia del Lazio. This dry white wine, with its characteristic floral notes and minerality, captures the essence of the region.

Cannellino di Frascati DOCG: the sweet counterpart to Frascati, often achieved through late harvest. This indulgent wine, with its intense fruit aromas and velvety palate, showcases the diversity within the Lazio wine portfolio.

Cesanese del Piglio DOCG: a robust red wine hailing from Ciociaria, epitomizing the strength and longevity characteristic of Lazio’s reds. Notes of red fruit, Mediterranean herbs, and a touch of spice make this a distinctive offering.

Highlighting Key DOC Wines:

Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone DOC: a celebrated white wine, known for its versatility and range from dry to slightly sweet. This classic Lazio wine, crafted from Trebbiano Toscano, offers an aromatic journey for the senses.

Cesanese di Affile DOC: a red wine showcasing the diversity of the Cesanese grape, ranging from the basic style to the more nuanced ‘Riserva.’ Soft and velvety, it captures the essence of Lazio’s red wine tradition.

Aleatico di Gradoli DOC: a red wine with a rich aromatic profile, sourced exclusively from Aleatico grapes. This wine, with its sweet and velvety notes, represents the unique character of Lazio’s winemaking.


Lazio’s best-kept secrets: exceptional Wineries

As we explore Lazio’s wine scene, several producers stand out for their commitment to quality and innovation.

Cantina Casale del Giglio: a historic winery that has consistently produced wines capable of rivaling Italy’s finest labels. Their Mater Matuta, a red blend of Syrah and Petit Verdot, and Radix, a complex white from 100% Bellone grapes, showcase the diversity within their portfolio.

Famiglia Cotarella: a prominent brand encompassing Falesco and Cotarella, known for wines like Aleatico and Est! Est!! Est!! of Montefiascone. The Cotarella label, in particular, is recognized for its high-quality offerings.

Other notable Producers: from the hills of Castelli Romani to the shores of Ponza, wineries like Ômina Romana, Antiche Cantine Migliaccio, Tenuta di Fiorano, Pallavicina di Frascati, and others contribute to the rich mosaic of Lazio’s wines.

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Elevate your Roman experience: unwind with a Rome Wine Tasting Tour

As we conclude our exploration of Lazio’s captivating wines, we invite you to deepen your connection with Italian wine culture through a unique and enriching experience in the heart of Rome.



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