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How Much Does It Cost To Visit Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel On A Guided Tour?

How much does it cost to visit Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel on a guided tour?

Are you planning to visit Rome with a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel? Look no further: here is how much it costs to visit the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and some of the other great attractions of the Vatican in Rome during a guided tour with the best professionals in town. 

Guided tour Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel price

The price of a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel varies as it largely depends on the tour operator you are choosing and the activities you might want to include during your visit. Usually, tour operators such as You Local Rome offer a ticket combination so that the cost of a guided tour in the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel includes skip-the-line tickets combinations, professional guides to rely on making it definitely worth the price.

How much you will spend in Rome really depends on your needs, time, and the activities you want to live during your stay in Rome. Rome offers such a huge collection of art and architecture that a week-long stay would not be enough to embrace it all. Also, today we are very lucky as for a long time the museums were solely for popes’ art collections and for their followers to enter. 

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel cost in a guided tour with You Local Rome

While ticket cost and prices for guided tours of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in Rome can vary, at You Local Rome we always aim at developing the best experience possible for you, your family, and friends.

All our tours include: 

  • Professional local guides
  • Skip-the-line tickets

Also, kids below 5 years of age get a guided tour for free: we believe family should always be able to afford a great experience in Rome and enjoy its wonders fully. 

Our best Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel guided tour prices start from 70€ per person depending on the type of tour and activities you want to include.  

Our best Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel guided tours include:

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel Night Tour – price from 75€

During this guided tour, you will explore the wonders of the Vatican on a special Night Tour, far from the crowds, deep into the secrets of the Vatican Museum and Sisting Chapel. This guided tour combines the wonders of the Vatican with the evocative atmosphere of a night visit.

Vatican Tour – Private – price from 85€

If you want to enjoy all the wonders of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica at your own pace, this guided tour is perfect for you.

Vatican Tour – Small Group – price from 90€

This guided tour is the best option for you if you prefer to visit the eternal city with a small group of people. During this guided tour you will experience the best of the Vatican on a pleasant small- group guided tour with skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica included

Sacred and Profane Rome – Full-Day Tour – price from 121€

The Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapels, and St. Peter’s Basilica come to life during this guided tour where our professional local guides tell the story behind sacred and profane sides of Rome.

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel guided tours: beyond cost and price

For your Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel guided tours, you need to go beyond the single cost and price: the tour operator you are going to select needs to be one of the top of Rome to guarantee you the best quality of experience. 

If we may add 2 more tips, during your Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel guided tours don’t forget to: 

  • Take care of the dress code – as the Vatican has very strict rules about it: your knees and shoulders need to be covered (you can just wear long pants and long shirts as a sign of respect)
  • Plan ahead – Rome can be a very exciting though chaotic city. We highly recommend booking in advance to save your spot in your next Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel guided tours.

Enjoy your stay! The You Local Rome – team.

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