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One of the world’s most visited cities, Rome attracts all kinds of travelers. From history buffs and foodies to couples on a romantic city break and families with young kids, everyone will find something to do in the ancient Italian capital. Families will be particularly interested in our Rome tours with kids.

Amazing You Local – Rome Tours with Kids

We’ve selected four of our best Rome family tours below. These experiential outings under the guidance of a knowledgeable local are great fun for children and adults alike.

1. Ancient Rome for Kids

One of our most popular Rome tours with kids is the appropriately named Ancient Rome for Kids Tour. This two-hour walking tour through the heart of Ancient Rome is catered specifically to the youngest members of the family. An expert kid-friendly guide will take visitors to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, House of the Vestals and the Arch of Titus, all major icons of Roman Antiquity.

Children will really enjoy listening to the stories of old, learning about gladiators and emperors, about myths and legends. They’ll even learn some private secrets of ancient Romans!

2. Gladiator for a Day! The Ultimate Roman Experience

Few children’s activities are so “Ancient Roman” than our Gladiator for a Day! Tour. Guided by a friendly, funny and knowledgeable local, families will have an unforgettable experience in the Roman Colosseum. But the real highlight of this particular tour is the Gladiator School of Rome.

Far removed from the huge tourist masses, the family will get the chance to have a gladiatorial contest. Before the real gladiator contest, however, a local instructor will teach participants how to fight like a gladiator. The tour also includes a visit to the Gladiator Museum, which houses lots of information about the lives of gladiators in Ancient Rome, as well as helmets, uniforms and weaponry. For the final combat, tunics, shields and swords are provided.

3. Happy Kids! Family Walking Tour of Rome

For the best allround Rome family tours, we strongly recommend the Happy Kids! Family Walking Tour of Rome. This fun-filled tour leads parents and their kids through a quieter part of Rome, at their own pace. On the way, they’ll learn about the marvels of Rome, from horse chariot races and gladiator fights to weird Roman gods and fun anecdotes about Roman life.

The icing on the cake is a visit to the cat colony of Largo Argentina, always a popular destination among children. Plus, there’ll be some gelato and pizza, too!

4. Underground Rome: Capuchin Crypt and Catacombs Tour

On this thrilling underground tour, participants will explore the largest catacombs in Rome. Dating from early-Christianity, these ancient catacombs were built as the secret burial place for thousands of Christians who were persecuted by the Romans.

Another highlight on this popular tour is the Capuchin Crypt, which dates from the 18th century. This is the location of the Bone Chapels. Although its name is rather dark and maybe disturbing, this is actually a very popular attraction among both adults and children.

Why Our Rome Family Tours Are So Popular

  1. Customizable experiences
  2. Professional, local and engaging tour guides
  3. Multi-language tours available
  4. Perfect for the entire family

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