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Looking For The Best Rome Street Food? Tips & Tricks In Rione Monti

Looking for the best Rome Street Food? Tips & Tricks in Rione Monti

Everyone knows it: Italy is a foodie destination. But here’s the secret: you don’t always have to sit down at a fancy restaurant to taste the best Rome street food and local cuisine. Indeed: street food is a thing in Italy. Especially in Rome’s Rione Monti., a hipster neighborhood filled with cobblestone alleys, charming squares, and delicious street food for any palate, for the sweet tooth to the lover of carbs -no judging either way.

There is no better way to explore Rome with a gelato in hand, while window shopping in Via del Corso or biting a slice of juicy pizza while waiting in line for a selfie at the Trevi Fountain. Rome is the city of food and nightlife and you have to believe it even before you see it. The good news? Vegetarians and vegans are welcome in this neighborhood.

Best Rome Street Food and its unmissable spots in Rione Monti

These spots will take you through the city, from breakfast to dinner, in a whirlwind of sightseeing and tasting. Forget the line outside the trend setting restaurant, the waiting time at the table while chewing bread, and counting every cent for the bill. The best Rome street food in this Roman district is both affordable and delicious, like the best wine bars in the city.

You can’t explore the streets of the Italian capital without a proper breakfast. While Italians love their sweets to begin the day (like brioches, cookies, or small pastries), the local bakeries also serve salty foods, perfect to indulge on during your Roman holiday. Two you can’t miss are:

  • Forno da Milvio, a family business where you can also find gluten-free pizza. This location has a few tables inside, so you can eat comfortably. Where: Via dei Serpenti, 7.
  • Antico Forno dei Serpenti, a historical destination in the Monte Rioni. It’s a perfect destination all day long: breakfast, quick snacks, and the aperitif. You can also purchase organic jam. Where: Via dei Serpenti 122.

If we are speaking of something you can eat all day, then there is one Italian delicacy you must try. You guessed it: it’s the gelato. After all, on vacation everything is allowed, especially in these two ice cream parlors:

  • Fatamorgana, with over 300 recipes, stores all over the world, and the top chef Maria Agnese, this gelateria features the best of artisanal ice cream. Where: Piazza degli Zingari.
  • Ciuri Ciuri, both a bakery and an ice cream parlor. You can start your day with a cappuccino and pastry and then end it with a scoop of pistachio. Where: Via Leonina, 8.

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Perhaps you aren’t much of a sweet tooth. Then the best Rome street food for you is here:

  • Mizio’s Street Food, which gained five stars on all the review websites. Here, you can find sandwiches, focacce, and vegan options. All stuffed with the best ingredients of Italian cuisine like cherry tomatoes, ham, and mozzarella. Where: Via degli Zingari, 54.
  • T&C Burger Lab. Burgers in Italy? Indeed. And, at this lab, you will find some of the best in town. It’s a modern location filled with the smell of French fries. Where: Via Urbana, 131.

However, there is one menu item that says “Italy.” Actually, it screams it. It’s the pizza, of course. And, with so many restaurants and stores in the city, it might be difficult to find the right one. So, are the best Rome street food pizza options for you:

  • Grazie a Dio è Venerdì, meaning “thanks goodness it’s Friday.” Thanks to its wood oven, the taste of the pizza is truly unique. And you can just stop by for a salty snack, since this destination serves bruschette, crostini, and vegetarian appetizers. Where: Via dei Capocci, 1.
  • Al Tettarello, a pizzeria where you have to sit down for lunch or dinner. It has a rustic feel, reminiscent of an old Italy, with checkered tablecloths and old kitchen tools on the walls. Where: Via dei Capocci, 4.
  • Alle Carrette offers delicious pizza and a unique location, since the seating area is on a dead-end tiny alley. It’s quiet and it’s worth it. Where: Via della Madonna dei Monti, 95.
  • Trieste Pizza, which is widely considered one of the best pizzeria in the Rione Monti area, which you can explore with our You Local Rome tours. This time, you can sit at the tables or you can grab a pizzetta (snack-size pizza) to take with you during your walks. Where: Via Urbana, 112.

With these tips by You Local Rome, you can’t go wrong. You can spend a whole day trying the best Rome street food, from the morning to the evening. And there’s even room for a quick midnight bite. After all, you are in the country of pizza, pasta, and gelato. It’s time to indulge.

Rome is the perfect place to try the best, local street food. If you don’t know where to start, make sure to check out the food tours of You Local Rome in the Rione Monti. They are family-friendly, customizable, and top-rated. Remember to bring your appetite.

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