Rome Nightlife: the 5 Best Districts to go out in Rome

best districts to go out in rome

Insider tips to enjoy Rome Nightlife at its best, with locals…like a local!

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Both located in the very heart of Rome’s historic center, five minutes walk distance from each other, Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori are not just top highlights to visit during the day, but also lively “urban living rooms” at night!

They both are deeply loved by locals and represent a perfect backdrop for a great nighttime experience in Rome. 

According to tradition, people of all ages get together in these wonderful squares at the sunset to enjoy a relaxing aperitivo, before heading for dinner to one of the charming winebars and local-style restaurants nestled in the cosy alleys all around. 



Taking a stroll through the back alleys of Trastevere at nighttime is a must-do for both first time visitors and experienced lovers of Rome!

Artisan workshops, charming wineries and traditional trattoriasare spread all around the central Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere and the cosy Piazza di Santa Cecilia.

Young locals usually meet at the closeby Piazza Trilussa, where you can relax sitting on the steps of a beautiful, baroque fountain.

In Summertime lively nightlife rises also on the Tiber’s banks, between the Tiberina Island and Ponte Sisto, where temporary wine bars pop up along with food and clothe stalls for adults and kids.

Trastevere is definitely one of the best districts to go out in Rome!



To us Monti is the best district to go out in Rome for its charme and convenient location, squeezed in between the Roman Forum and Termini station.

Packed with trattorias and wine bars since ancient Rome times – when the district used to be known as the “Sub Urbs” and normally associated to wild nightlife, gambling and barely legal leisure – Monti has recently become one of the most hip neighborhoods in Rome.

Locals gather every night in the central Piazza della Madonna dei Monti (aka the Piazzetta) to socialize and cheer up.

All around there’s plenty of nice wine bars, local-style restaurants and live music clubs to experience the best Rome Nightlife has to offer!



Founded in the late 19th century to accomodate the growing working class of Rome, Testaccio has recently become a lively and trendy district, while it still conserves a deep popular soul.

You can still find plenty of great, family run restaurants serving traditional Roman specialties, along with new, fancy winebars and clubs where young locals love to spend their nights!

Most of the barsdiscos and live music clubs are located around the Monte Testaccio, really close to the gorgeous Testaccio Market. These sights represent the beating heart of such a unique district.

Definitely worth a visit, if you want to discover a less touristy and truly fascinating side of Rome!



Probably the most artsy and innovative district in Rome, Pigneto is an hidden gem just outside of Rome’s historical center.

Settled after the unification of Italy (1870) as a new neighborhood for the growing working class of Rome, Pigneto has deeply changed in the past twenty years.

Thousands of students, immigrants, artisans and young artists have moved into the ruined buildings and cosy homes flanking the winding streets of the area.

Over the years, the local atmosphere was turned into something different and more vibrant. Basically a melting pot of old and new Rome. Infact, historical workshops have been flanked by modern urban laboratories, and local artists and start-ups have been supported by modern co-working stations.

All in all something definitely worth trying for those who want to experience Rome off the beaten track!

Lastly, lots of good restaurants and wine bars have been recently settled in the area, most of which offer organic products, traditional and innovative Roman cuisine.

Local Tip: tasting a delicious aperitivo at Necci is certainly a great way to get your night started, before moving to a charming restaurant or a live music club across the central Via del Pigneto.



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